TikTok hit Facebook: We are not interested in the pursuit

The tension between TikTok and Meta is growing every day. The response to Meta, who recently said that he would redesign Facebook to “be inspired by TikTok”, was not delayed. According to a statement from the Chinese video platform, TikTok is an entertainment platform, while Meta is a social networking company that aims to make money.

There is a ‘copy’ crisis between TikTok and Facebook

Meta CEO Mark Zuccurberg has recently gone beyond copying TikTok’s features. In the statement that came the other day, Instagram and Facebook will be reorganized to make it look more like TikTok.

TikTok said that Meta was aware of all of these initiatives. Blake Chandlee, a TikTok manager speaking with CNBC, said Facebook’s “copying its own business models” proved how successful they were.

TikTok was not a social network, he pointed out in an interview with the firm’s senior official. He said that the short-cut platform was developed for entertainment purposes only. That’s why Facebook said it couldn’t copy TikTok even if it wanted to.

Meta, who brought a feature called Reels to Instagram in 2020 and aimed to get a big share of TikTok, said they were keeping up with the changes in the social media world. But Chandlee believes TikTok and Facebook are two unique platforms. According to TikTok manager, there is too much difference between these two applications to compare.

Facebook is a social platform. They’ve created all their algorithms based on social graph. It’s their basic competence. That’s not what ours is. We’re an entertainment platform. It’s a big, big difference.

It’s important to remember that Meta has suffered great losses recently. Stock prices have dropped by about 52 percent this year and continue to underperform. We also know how the company predicts a further decrease in revenues.

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