The place and Advantage of Technology in our Everyday life

What is the definition of technology? The dictionary definition of technology is:
1.the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes in the industry (i.e., advances in computer technology)
2.machine and equipment developed from the application of scientific knowledge.
3.a field of knowledge on engineering or applied sciences.

The false belief in using technology is that it encourages laziness, but in fact, it’s the way we use technology that determines whether we fail or whether we succeed. Technology doesn’t drive you to be innovative, it makes you an opportunity.

Technology only enables the innovation that our opportunities bring out and allows us to improve our lives. Without driving or opportunity, technology becomes insignificant. It’s up to us to discover the convenience.

A greater belief is that using technology for children is distracting and more damaging than good. At this day and age, the number of children with access to the Internet is the highest of all time. Using this in our own good can be very useful for a child’s education.

There are more options for computers to help your child develop than you can count for e-learning websites and apps for devices. It is more likely that children focus while listening to an adult explain a lesson, while playing games. Children with a small attention time can become more comprehensive when they are involved in an interactive course with bright colors and consistent incentives.

Technology can benefit many obstacles. Marketing is an example. Online marketing has increased rapidly since the development of tablets and mobile phones. Research has become simpler with handheld devices, and phone books or encyclopedias have almost disappeared in our daily lives. Creating articles and hyperlinks to help promote the business has become the number one way to market because of the simplicity of typing the information you want into a search bar and pressing the ‘search’ button. Another advantage of using technology is in the workplace.

Using a computer instead of a paper and pen can greatly reduce the amount of human errors and save a lot of time and money to correct errors. Stress, high workload, or excessive responsibility can cause human error. It also increases communication tools,

The technology in medicine is another area that further enhances patient care. Time spent on medical records and charts is reduced, resulting in more time for patient care. Doctors and nurses can easily access the patient’s medical history or drug history, which can lead to faster diagnosis or treatment.

Was there a world before technology was invented and it was functional? Absolutely. It’s not that we can’t live without technology. The problem is that the improvements and advances that technology has made to the world are beyond the disadvantages and challenges it can cause.

Educational well-being of a child, marketing strategies, engineering tactics, etc. in the process, technology has not become the most important tool, but wouldn’t you say that it is ‘necessary’ for technology to function in this century, but that it is worth the risk that the opportunity to achieve something bigger or more innovative is given?

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