The introduction of the NVIDIA RTX 4000 series has been plugged into the RTX 3000!

Experiencing an over-stock shortage of RTX 3000 series graphics cards, Nvidia is also facing problems for the next generation of graphics cards. Nvidia RTX 4000 series video cards, which were said to be introduced earlier in July, may be delayed due to sales issues with the launch date.

We will wait for December for NVIDIA RTX 4000 series graphics cards

NVIDIA’s next generation of Lovelace graphics cards were claimed to be postponed to December 2022. Nvidia, who is already experiencing a variety of difficulties in selling the RTX 3000 series, is likely to delay the introduction of RTX 4000 video cards.

With recent difficulties, the cost of manufacturers has increased significantly. Resellers aim to sell their remaining video cards by keeping their share of profits to a minimum. Companies will now be able to make room for next-generation devices.

And that puts a lot of pressure on Nvidia. The launch of next-generation video cards at a price without the RTX 3000 models finding a buyer can cause major problems in marketing for Nvidia later on. The company is said to be waiting for the introduction of the next generation of video cards.

In this case, surplus products in the RTX 3000 seem to be expected to melt. While some experts show the best time for RTX 4000 as October, there are no fewer people who say we should wait for December for the next generation video card.

It seems we won’t be able to see the next generation of Nvidia video cards this month. The earliest date for the RTX 4000 series can be shown in the fall of 2022. NVIDIA will determine the best date to introduce the next generation graphics card without damaging the sales of the current range of graphics cards.

And what do you think of Nvidia RTX 4000 and RTX 3000? You can share your comments with us in the comments section.

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