Do cell phones cause allergic diseases?

Member of the Turkish National Association for Allergy and Clinical Immunology Prof. Dr. Feyzullah Çetinkaya “in particular, patients have rash, rash, dry, bulges, cracks due to telephone and tablets containing nickel that have long periods of contact with hands and face, there may be stamps and leaks and shells in the forward stages,” he said.

These technological devices, which are extremely useful for information access and communication, can, unfortunately, be a serious source of danger to users’ health. It has been emphasized that there has been no conclusive evidence of health problems caused by radiation from these devices. “However, we think that if these radiation-emitting devices are used for a long time, especially by small children, there may be callers after years,” Dr. Feyzullah Çetinkaya said.

‘Mobile Phone Dermatiti’ can cause severe reactions!

Noting the nickel-related allergy that technology has brought into our lives, Çetinkaya said, “in recent years, a major health problem that can be seen depending on smartphones and tablets has started to draw attention. We observe allergic contact dermatitis, depending on the nickel used to make these devices. In particular, serious reactions can occur due to cell phones and tablets that contain nickel that has long periods of contact with hands and face. This type of dermatitis, which has emerged in recent years, is called “mobile phone dermatitis”. Less than nickel, cobalt can cause allergic contact dermatitis from cell phones.” he did.

Nickel is in a lot of places we don’t expect!

“The menu buttons on tablets and mobile phones, decorative logos and metallic frames around the liquid crystal display (LCD) are the most common places in the nickel,” said Cetinkaya who said Nikelin is more in our lives than we thought. Unfortunately, in addition to nickel phone and tablet computers, there are many tools and tools that people often encounter in everyday life (jewelry, belt buckle, zipper, button, snap, there are glasses, coins and keys),” he said.

Women have more Nickel Sensitivity!

Stressing that 17% of women and 3% of men have been detected in the general population, Çetinkaya said, “We have detected allergic contact dermatitis due to nickel in 17-33% of children”.

For patients with allergic contact dermatitis due to nickel, rash, rash, dry, bulges, cracks in areas where contact is intense, Indicating that there will be pulsations and leaks and shells in the advanced stages, Çetinkaya suggested that sensitive individuals and children should have as little contact with such devices as possible to avoid allergic contact dermatitis associated with mobile phones. Prof. “We recommend that he use gloves if necessary and frequently use moisturizing cream and lotions on the hands. He said, “when such designation is made, it is essential to consult a physician.” (BSHA – Science and Health News Agency)

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