Big innovation in Windows 11! Here’s the new carpet!

It’s hard to say that Microsoft has achieved a consistent success with operating system versions. As tech enthusiasts will remember very well, Windows Vista, which was released after Windows XP, was a total disappointment, and Windows 7 was brought up to help computer users.

When Windows 8, which was released after this release, received very bad feedback, just like Vista, users insisted on using Windows 7 for a very long time. However, after a long resistance, this time, Windows 10 was raised to help the computer users and freed those who did not want to use Windows 8 from this obligation.

Windows 8 was such a disappointment that even Microsoft did not want to name the new operating system Windows 9, and many years later, the reason for this was that users had been told that Windows 10 was a brand new experience and that they were not asked to consider it a continuation of Windows 8.

Big innovation in Windows 11! Here’s the new carpet!

So, when we look at the history of Windows, we see that almost regularly, a successful version of failed releases are being released. If this statistic is correct, Windows 11, which comes after Windows 10, one of the most successful versions, must be a failed version, which, frankly, shows that bias is true at the moment.

According to research, while Windows 11 is not preferred on the enterprise side or on individual computers, Microsoft is working hard to reverse this situation.

One of the work done by Microsoft was the Update of Task Manager. For a long time, word of mouth whispered that Microsoft would make important updates to the Task Manager. The new visuals that emerged today revealed that rumors were real.

This means that in the new Task Manager, menus such as Performance, operations, Details, Services have moved from the top tab to the side tab. However, the buttons containing the command are positioned above the administrator.

In addition, the new Task Manager now works in line with the colors used in the background. This makes the manager look much more stylish. It is currently under test and is currently unknown when this innovation will be available to all users.

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